Insurance for Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Insurance and Medicare Accepted in Dwight

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Dr. Smith accepts Insurance and Medicare in Dwight for chiropractic treatment at his Dwight Pain and Injury Center (DP&IC) office right next door to the Chiro25,Ltd. of Dwight - 158 E Main St. 

Insurance and Medicare patient treatment by appointment.  

Exams are $40 and adjustments are $36

Call 815-584-2225

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Accepted

Minooka Channahon Dwight Pontiac chiropractic blue cross blue shield insurance in Minooka and Dwight

Dr. Smith has been a contracted, in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield since 1999.  He is able to see you and is currently accepting new patients in Dwight Illinois, even if you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield Policy from another state or one of the many Unions.  We are a Union Friendly Office!

Medicare Accepted

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Dr. Smith has been contracted with Medicare since starting practice in 1999 and is currently accepting Medicare patients in Dwight Illiinois.