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Minooka Channahon and Dwight Livingston Chiropractor exams

Why are Chiropractor Exams required in Minooka - Channahon and Dwight Livingston County Chiro25,Ltd?

Chiropractic exams are performed to discover your health status and any problem(s) that may need to be addressed, and whether they are treatable by chiropractic care or medical care, or both.  Exams are performed to establish your treatment plan.  

Chiro25,Ltd has a "30 Day Exam Rule."  If you haven't been treated at Chiro25,ltd within the last 30 days an exam is required.  Also, if you present with a new problem or complaint while under care, an examination may need to be performed before any additional treatment is rendered. Chiropractic exams are necessary for patient safety and maintaining the standard of good health care practice.

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 Chiropractic examination in Dwight - Livingston County Illinois

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