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Weight Loss Program Sale

Dwight Illinois Chiropractor Weight Loss Program -  Livingston County Chiropractor

$100 OFF Our Weight Loss Program

Chiro25, Ltd offers $100 OFF our Weight Loss Program to help you reach your  Weight Loss goals!  Days one and two allow you to eat anything and everything so holidays and special events like birthdays, weddings etc are a great time to start this wonderful program.

Happiness, good health and healthy weight loss to you from Chiro25,Ltd!

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About Chiro25, Ltd

Chiro25,LTD: 25 Dollar Chiropractor in Dwight Illinois

Chiro25 Chiropractor Minooak, Channahon, Dwight, Pontiac Illinois

Chiro25,LTD offers walk-in only chiropractic care in Dwight Illinois for busy, on-the-go people looking for affordable and convenient, on-demand chiropractor services. No appointments made, just walk-in and get the affordable professional care you need, when you need it at our Dwight Illinois location. Chiro25,LTD offers care for ages 10-64.   Serving Dwight, Grundy & Livingston County, and Pontiac area residents.

We also offer an excellent and affordable  Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program. Individual Results Vary, but we've had loses of up to 20-35 lbs in 6 weeks...  Click here to learn more.

Chiro25,LTD: Affordable $25 Chiropractic in Dwight Illinois

Minooka Channahon Pontiac Illinois chiropractor adjustment

Chiro25,LTD Chiropractic Exams are only $25 and Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments are just $30. Our other services include $25 Massage, $35 Acupuncture, $30 Therapeutic Cupping (negative pressure), $20 Kinesio Taping, $10/$30 Dry Needling, $200 Custom Foot Orthotics (compared to $300-$1000), and affordable Weight Loss Program

These are the Chiro25,LTD Every Day Low prices...No Surprise Bills later.    

We also offer further discounted care with our:  

  • Individual and Family Wellness Care Packages 
  • Frequent Weight Loss Program Specials 
  • Wellness - Weight Loss Combo Deals
  • Monthly Specials and Sales
  • Monthly Online Discount Coupons & Flyers (download/view below)
  • Serving Dwight, Mazon, Odell, Morris, Pontiac area residents

Read our Testimonials

Chiro25,LTD: High Quality 25 Dollar Chiropractic Care in Dwight Illinois

Minooka Channahon Dwight Pontiac Chiropractor Prices

How does Chiro25,LTD offer such great chiropractic care prices without an appointment, and for roughly the cost of an insurance office visit co-pay? Simple, we’ve taken out the hassle of insurance… This allows you to conveniently stop at our walk-in location for care when it fits into your busy schedule. We offer massage, chiropractic adjustments, exams, dry needling, therapeutic cupping, kinesio taping, acupuncture and custom foot orthotics without an appointment. Come and experience the benefits and convenience of our no appointment needed, Chiro25 care today!  Serving Dwight, Mazon, Odell, Reddick, Essex, Morris and Pontiac area residents.

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Monthly Chiro25,Ltd Office Flyer and Discount Coupons

View, Print and Share these PDF Office Flyers and Discount Coupon Forms for more savings!  Look here later for our  SALES!

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What Does a Full Life Look Like?

I believe you are looking for a partner in Health - A chiropractor to help you live the full life you desire. I am Chiropractor Michael Smith, and not only do I desire to help others live a full life but I enjoy helping others live a full life. I wouldn't be a chiropractor today if it weren't for a chiropractor that helped me heal and recover from a very bad car accident injury when I was 17 years old. That's my chiropractic story and I am interested in yours. Hope you like the video! 

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Chiro25,LTD of Dwight Illinois

160 E Main St

Dwight, IL  60420


T/TH 7am-10am, 2pm-6pm

Sat 9am-11am

Walk-In, No Appointment

20 minutes North of Pontiac, Illinois off of Interstate 55!

Other Dwight Chiropractic Office

Chiropractor Michael Smith, Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate - 1998

Minooka Chiropractor Smith _ 4408912540

 I believe in providing quality,  affordable Chiropractic Healthcare along-side ever increasing medical healthcare costs and "out-of-control" health insurance premiums.  Illinois is facing up to 43% increases in health insurance premiums in 2018 and significant increases in 2019 are also expected.  I've seen many changes during my career and recently chose to provide excellent care at more affordable fees through discounted services at Chiro25,Ltd since 2013 and I have reduced fees at both the Dwight Pain & Injury Center (2015) and Minooka Diagnostics & Rehab (established 1999).  Healthcare has become a consumer driven industry and I support and encourage healthcare fee disclosure and transparency, and price comparison.  Chiropractic healthcare can be an affordable and beneficial alternative to traditional, costly medical care!

Our Sister Chiropractic Rehab Office in Dwight, Illinois (815)584-2225

Dwight Chiropractor office_45593

 Established in 2015, the Dwight Pain & Injury Center provides specialized chiropractic care for pain and injury as well as regular, traditional wellness chiropractic care. Medicare & Insurance Accepted. 

DP&IC believes in healthcare fee transparency: 

$40 exams, $36 Adjustments, $35 Acupuncture, $35 Exercise, $20 Ultrasound, $20 Electric Muscle stimulation. 

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About Dr. Michael S. Smith, DC

Minooka Channahon Dwigth Pontiac Illinois  chiropractor Smith Biography _ 3440991


Chiropractor Smith is a 1993 Springfield College graduate with a B.S. degree in Sports Biology, and a 1998 Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.).  Also, Dr. Smith has completed numerous seminars over the years and has also completed the distiguished post-graduate Chiropractic Diplomate Rehabilitation Program affording him the credentials of DACRB as a Rehabilitation Specialist (Chronic Pain, Injuries and Post-Surgical Physical Therapy care).  Dr. Smith is also a Certified strength and conditioning Specialist  (CSCS) with the NSCA.


Chiropractor Michael Smith has been in practice for 18+ years treating everyday aches and pains, injuries and providing post-surgical care.  Currently, Dr. Smith is employeed by Chiro25,LTD and also works for himself in private practice at the Dwight Pain & Injury Center in Dwight, Illinois (Dr. Smith accepts insurance and medicare at this additional practice).

Life Mission

Chiropractor Smith desires to help everyone in need within the opportunities provided, and within the abilities he has been given.  

If you'd like to use your Health Insurance in Dwight...