Foot Orthotics in & Dwight IL


Custom Foot Orthotics in & Dwight IL

Foot or ankle pain can have significant effects on ones lifestyle.  If you suffer from foot or ankle pain, have difficulty walking, standing, traversing stairs or are unsteady on your feet then you may benefit from a pair of custom foot orthotics made right in our office in front of you.  While other providers send molds of your feet off to a lab for your orthotics to be made, we make them in the office during your office visit. Unlike other providers, we use a product that custom molds to your foot right in the office for a sure fit.  We believe this allows for the best fit and for maximum comfort.  Also, they can be modified over time if necessary.  Dr. Michael Smith, D.C. of Chiro25, Ltd is your local provider of Custom Foot Orthotics in and Dwight IL!

We've had several clients use our custom made foot orthotics when they were unable to use those made at other doctor's offices.  The other orthotics were just to uncomfortable to wear and they typically threw them into the back of the closet.   

Our custom foot orthotics are built from raw materials to properly support each foot for maximum benefit and comfort.  The feet are the base of the body and if they don't perfectly soften to absorb shock when they hit the ground and then perfectly tighten back up to push off with, dysfunction and pain are likely present or soon to develop. Don't suffer with foot or ankle pain.  We can check your feet and get you properly supported to get you back on your feet again, enjoying every day life!  Check out our custom foot orthotic testimonials and stop by a Chiro25, Ltd near you for a pair of custom foot orthotics in Dwight, Illinois. 

How much do custom Foot Orthotics cost?

Dr. Smith charges $200 for these custom foot orthotics in Minooka and Dwight and has been making them since 1999.  Other health care providers routinely charge $400 to $1000 for foot orthotics. Get relief from foot pain in Minooka & Dwight IL.

How do I get started?

Stop by one of our conveniently located Chiro25, Ltd offices in Minooka or Dwight IL for a foot orthotic examination.  Dr. Michael S. Smith , D.C. will talk with you to understand any problems you may have and perform a detailed exam to see if you may benefit from custom foot orthotics.